Environmental Testing Equipment


Model: CST320 2T
Basket useful dim. 700x700x650mm
Maximum basket load 50 Kg
Chamber external dim. 1530x2900x2400mm
Thermal load: 15/7 kg
Weight: 1600 kg
Voltage VAC: 400 V ± 10%/50Hz/3ph + N + G

A thermal shock chamber is a type of environmental testing equipment that is used to subject materials and components to extreme temperature changes in a short period of time. The chamber is typically divided into two or more zones, each with its own heating and cooling system.

The test specimen is first placed in a high-temperature zone for a set amount of time to ensure that it reaches thermal equilibrium. It is then rapidly transferred to a low-temperature zone, where it is exposed to a lower temperature for a set amount of time. This process is repeated multiple times to simulate the rapid temperature changes that the material or component may experience in real-world conditions.

Thermal shock chambers may be used to test a wide range of materials and components, including electronic devices, aerospace components, and automotive parts. They are often used to assess a material or component's durability, reliability, and resistance to temperature-related stresses.