Measurement Equipment


Model: AFG31252
Sine frequency range: 250 MHz
Number of channels: 2
Range (into 50 Ω) ≤ 200 MHz: 1 mVP-P to 5 VP-P
> 200 MHz to ≤ 250 MHz: 1 mVP-P to 4 VP-P
Output impedance 50 Ω
Sine Continuous mode 1 μHz to 250 MHz
Square: 1 μHz to 160 MHz
Ramp: 1 μHz to 2.5MHz
Pulse: 1 μHz to 160 MHz
Arbitrary waveforms: 1 mHz to 125 MHz
Modulation AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM
Dimensions: Height191.8 mm (7.55 in.) Width 412.8 mm (16.25 in.) Depth143.3 mm (5.64 in.)

An arbitrary function generator (AFG) is a type of electronic test equipment that produces waveforms with arbitrary shapes and frequencies. A 200 MHz AFG is a high-performance model that can generate complex signals with frequencies up to 200 MHz.

These AFGs typically feature a wide range of waveform types, including sine waves, square waves, and triangle waves, as well as more complex waveforms such as pulse, ramp, and noise. They also include built-in modulation capabilities, such as amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, and phase modulation, allowing for even more complex waveforms to be generated.

A 200 MHz AFG may also include a variety of advanced features, such as high-resolution waveform generation, arbitrary waveform sequencing, and waveform editing and creation software. It may also include advanced triggering capabilities, such as external triggers and pulse width modulation.

Overall, a 200 MHz arbitrary function generator is a powerful and versatile test instrument that is ideal for use in a variety of applications, including research and development, education, and testing and measurement in electronics and telecommunications industries. It provides precise and accurate waveform generation capabilities, making it an essential tool for engineers, researchers, and technicians who need to test and verify the performance of electronic systems and components.