Measurement Equipment

Manufacturer: TEKTRONIX / Origin: China

The TBS2000B Series of Oscilloscopes with a 9-inch WVGA display, 5 million point record length and 2 GS/s sample rate, capture and display significantly more signal to help you debug and validate the designs faster. Easily and confidently analyze your signals with new on-waveform cursor readouts and 32 automated measurements, each with informative tips. The TekVPI® probe interface supports traditional passive BNC probes, but also enables wide application coverage with the latest active voltage probes and current probes.


Model: TBS2204B
Analog Channels: 4
Bandwidth: 200 MHz
Max Sample Rate:
2 GS/s - Half Channel
1 GS/s - All Channels
Record length: 5 M points
Display Type: Color WVGA
Input Voltage: 300 V
Equipment Type: Digital Oscilloscope
Unit Weight: 5.755 kg

A digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) is a type of electronic test equipment that is used to measure and analyze electronic signals. It works by displaying a graph of voltage versus time on a screen, allowing users to visualize the shape, amplitude, frequency, and other characteristics of an electrical signal.

Unlike traditional analog oscilloscopes, which use a cathode ray tube (CRT) to display signals, digital storage oscilloscopes use digital signal processing (DSP) to capture, store, and analyze signals. This allows for more advanced features, such as automatic measurements, waveform math, and signal filtering.

DSOs typically feature a range of acquisition modes, including single-shot, repetitive, and waveform averaging, allowing users to capture and analyze signals in a variety of scenarios. They may also include advanced triggering capabilities, such as pulse width and pattern triggering, which allow users to capture and analyze specific types of signals.

Other features commonly found in digital storage oscilloscopes include waveform record length, which determines the amount of time a waveform can be captured and displayed; sample rate, which determines the number of data points captured per second; and bandwidth, which determines the frequency range of signals that can be accurately measured.

Overall, digital storage oscilloscopes are essential tools for engineers, researchers, and technicians who need to measure and analyze electronic signals. They provide high accuracy and flexibility, making them ideal for a wide range of applications in electronics, telecommunications, and other industries.